PreenFM3 patch1


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Brand new assembled and tested PreenFM3 in metal enclosure. Unit comes with SD card loaded with sound patches and latest firmware installed.
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Patch 1 includes the first metalenclosure design and there will be only 6 made looking like that.
Bourns metal encoders will be used.

Next patch will be ready in mid December and there will be some full DIY kits with that patch. Some changes are implemented. Plastic encoders and different switches.

PreenFM3 is still in development stage. You will recieve a fully functional unit but it might have some small bug-s in the code.
The firmware is in development and you should be willing to update the firmware time to time when new updates come.
Firmware updating is done by copying files on SD card and updatating it thorugh the unit menus.
Instructions are available at

Youtube video will be made in near future.

Units will be shipped with DHL Express.

Creator of PreenFM3 is Xavier Hosxe who has put his heart and soul in to this new device.
For more information about PreenFM please visit