PreenFM3 batch 9

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Starting from batch 9.
*New frontpanel layout, compatible to v2 PFM3 boards.

Starting from batch 8.
* AUX out jack removed.
* 1mm taller screen window.
* pcb layout change. Reset, dfu switces etc.
* custom made TFT screen for PreenFM3.
* microSD card.

Brand new assembled and tested PreenFM3 in metal enclosure. Unit comes with SD card loaded with sound patches and latest firmware installed.
More info available in
User Manual:

PreenFM3 DIY kit will include every part you need to assemble a working unit.

PreenFM3 metal case comes with all the screws and nuts and some pinheaders to mount pfm3 boards and parts.

The firmware is in development and you should be willing to update the firmware time to time when new updates come.
Firmware updating is done by copying files on SD card or through USB cable.
Instructions are available at

Physical dimensions: 210x110x35mm excluding the knobs.

Youtube video will be made in near future.

Assembled units and DIY kits will be shipped with DHL Express.
Cases will be shipped with tracking and trough postoffice.

DIY Kit insctructions until Patch4 DIY Kits.
Assembly instructions for the DIY kit. Also if you mount the metal case, the instructions will be helpful.

DIY Kit instructions starting from Patch5.
Assembly instructions v2

Creator of PreenFM3 is Xavier Hosxe who has put his heart and soul in to this new device.
For more information about PreenFM please visit

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