SSL ALT switch

SSL 4000 and 6000 consoles have an ALT switch in the master section.
That switch should switch to Alternative output, but the console itself doesnt have the switching function integrated as the ALT switch can be wired to switch what ever alternative output.
It can be alternative stereo out or monitors.

Our interface is ment to do the switching and we focused primary on the Main speakers/Alternative speakers switching.
Switching part is mounted inside 19″ 1U rack and can be mounted into your speaker amplifier rack to switch the signal between main and alternative speaker amps.

Output that is not selected is muted by disconnecting the input signal and connecting balanced +- wires together.
CUT switch mutes all outputs to protect speakers when needed. For example in service session or when the console is turned off or on.
Unit has two working modes: Main AND Alt; Main OR Alt.
Main AND Alt case: the ALT switch enables both outputs simutanously allowing you to listen through 2 pairs of speakers.
Main OR Alt case: the ALT switch toggles between 2 pairs of speakers for different monitoring experience.

Rear panel has a screwterminal wiring block that is used to connect the ALT switch. All the SSL 4k,6k consoles are built differently, so there is no one way to have it connected.
Accoring to the service manual the ALT switch is wired to your outputs connectors. Some consoles dont. In any case the ALT switch switching legs are connected to terminals SW1 and SW2.
If you need to wire power to the ALT switch light, then it can be done through the -Vcc and +Vcc terminals. They will provide +24VDC for the bulb.

In case the ALT swhitch is broken in your console, you can change the switch to single layer version as dual layer is not available anywhere.
Our ALT switch unit should then be wired like this:
ALT light – to -Vcc
Alt light + connected to SW1
Alt switch contact 1 to SW1
Alt switch contact 2 to SW2
(Keep in mind that Alt switch is latching. Switch contact 1 and 2 are contacts that are connected when the switch is ON)


19″ 1U 12cm deep.
Illuminated red CUT light for master mute.
Internal power supply for relays, CUT light and external.

100 to 240VAC mains voltage.
Panasonic gold plated relays.
Toggle switch for two different output working conditions. AND; OR.
4 contact wiring block for ALT control.

Fully passive design with no components in the audio path except relays and XLR connectors.

Internal ground lift jumpers.