Wobble Filter

Wobble X-Pass Filter.

Wobble is a MS20 style audio filter. Extremely warm and very deep sounding. LowPass is very close to Moog MF-101.
Its designed around LM13700 OTA an operational transconductance amplifier.
The unit is built like a tank, diecast aluminum enclosure, metal pots and switches.

Resonance + Voltage controlled input
Cutoff for the filter + Voltage controlled input
Voltage controlled amp + Voltage controlled input.

Input signal modifier knob will bring more warmth and distortion to your input signal.
Filter select knob can alter between:
Low-Pass 4 pole - very deep cut
Low-Pass 2 pole - will keep some of the signal intact
Band-Pass 2 pole
Band-Pass 4 pole
Hi-Pass 2 pole - will boost your second harmonics
Notch filter - Cutoff will vary the signal that is being passed.

Filter mod volumes will depend on what signal you are feeding it with, if you use HP on deep bass, you will not hear anything.
VCA can compensate some volume loss.

Input volume
Output volume.

The input can be built for instrument level or for line level.

9V standard power supply.
Voltage Control input signal is 0-5V with 2.5V offset.
RES CUTOFF VCA is working together with the frontpanel controls.

The unit is built on order. Contact for order.
Design and layout can be Customized.

Expected Price is 320€ plus shipping.

Filter in Low-Pass 4 pole mode

Filter in Low-Pass 2 pole mode

Filter in Use