PreenFm2 official metal enclosure.

This is the official metal enclosure for PreenFM2 polyphonic FM synthesizer.
You can get the kit from Xavier PreenFM Homepage
Graphics is designed by Papernoise

Cases are available in store!

PreenFM2 Eurorack

PreenFM2 in eurorack format.

DIY kits are available in store!

Jurgen Haible Compact Phasing

Metal enclosure for Compact Phasin phaser unit
You can get the PCB from Randomsource

Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger

Metal enclosure for Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger
You can get the PCB from Randomsource

Audiothingies P6 metal enclosure

This is a metal enclosure for P6 polyphonic synth.
You can get the DIY KIT from Audiothingies