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Newest firmware is pre-installed with all the official sound presets.

R6 PreenFM design is introduced mid 2020. With many design upgrades the biggest improvement to the last version is a 24 bit DAC. (old was 12 bit)
Our PreenFM2 comes with new Wallnut sidecheeks. This is avilable only with pre-assembled unit.

Assembled PreenFM comes with White frontpanel, black buttons and black knobs.
We have choosen a Blue OLED display for the best looks and performance. No noise or other issues.
Comes with an USB cable.
**No DC adaptor included**

PreenFM2 R5b DIY kit with white metal enclosure.
It includes everything that is needed to build a functioning PreenFM2 R5b 12bit DAC (old version).
Kit comes with noiseless Blue OLED Screen.

For instructions please refer to
To buy only PCB and PreenF405 visit PreenFM Shop:
We only sell complete DIY KITs.

**No DC adaptor included.**
Basic electronics skills and tools are required!

Creator of PreenFM2 is Xavier Hosxe who has put his heart and soul in to this device.
For more information about PreenFM please visit

Download pdf manual here PreenFM2 Manual_opt

A video by jabberwalky on Youtube:

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 8 cm