PreenFM Eurorack module Full DIY kit


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Black frontpanels are also available.

This is PreenFM 2 Full DIY kit in Eurorack format with 4 CV inputs.

V/Oct, Gate, CV inputs.
Gate: Switchable: -5V to +5V or 0V to +10V
V/Oct: Switchable: -5V to +5V or 0-10V; 1V per Octave
CV3: -5V to 5V
CV4: -5V to 5V

MIDI and USB Midi connectors.

CV1-4 inputs can be mapped to matrix parameters.
IM1; IM2; IM3; IM4; IM*
Mix1; Pan1; Mix2; Pan2; Mix3; Pan3; Mix4; Pan4; Mix*; Pan*;
o1Fq; o2Fq; o3Fq; o4Fq; o5Fq; o6Fq; o*Fq; o*Fh
Att1; Att2; Att3; Att4; Att5; Att6; AttC; AttM;
DecC; DecM; RelC; RelM
mx01; mx02; mx03; mx04
l1Fq; l2Fq; l3Fq;
e2si; s1ga; s2ga;

31HP in width. 32mm in depth.
Power consumption:
-12VDC 20mA
+12VDC 20mA
+5V 250mA
Unit can also regulate its own +5V from +12V bus if needed. (jumper)

Power Consumption with onboard 5V regulator:
+12VDC 300mA
-12VDC 20mA

V/Octave calibration:
Menu > Tools > Set > to adjust v/oct (first 3 encoders change the parameter, last 4th encoder changes the value)
You need to adjust CV A(33) (midi note 33) and adjust CV A(81) (midi note 81).
This will scale the V/Oct with out the need to adjust each octave one by one.
Example values are: CV A(33) 256 and CV A(81) 735. Each unit has its own values and depend on your voltage generator settings.

Gate trigger level adjustment. From 0% to 100% adjustment to allow user to use GATE input also as a regular CV input.
Now available with 2.09 firmware, also Overclocked.

Assembly instructions:
Assembly instructions

Unit comes with a White frontpanel.

USB Stick content download: PreenFM USB stick firmware

Retrofit kit

This is a DIY kit to build your tabletop PreenFM2 into Eurorack module.
Kit comes with all the parts needed to complete the build.

No parts needed to build the PreenFM2, only to make modification to working PreenFM2

*3 different PCBs
*Front plate
*Spacers, screws and nuts
*Resistors, capacitors and ICs

This kit is suggested to more experienced builders or to them who have enough time.
Soldering tools and basic mounting tools needed.
Requires some -desoldering steps.

Step 1.
Remove 4 connectors from the main board: 1) DC jack 2) USB in 3) Left out jack 4) Right out jack

Step 2.
Populate the new boards. 3.5 jack connectors should be attached to the panel first.

Step 3.
Install the PreenFM mainboard to the panel and mount all the other parts.

Step 4.
Wire the boards together.

Step 5.
The firmware made by Xavier Hosxe is available at PreenFM github.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 8 cm

DIY kit, Assembled, PFM2 R5 retrofit

Assembled unit + Boat

Assembled + Boat