DR-MQ5 Mastering EQ

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Equalizer that is sold as a partial DIY kit by

What they say about the unit:
DR-MQ5 – Mastering EQ
Reference Mastering EQ | Surgical shaper
Based on what is considered to be the “golden reference” in mastering equalizers. Discrete high-performance components will process signal path in a transparent and pristine audio quality.
Sonic excellence and extremely low distortion makes this EQ irreplaceable in mastering engineers’ set of tools.

What we do:
We offer assembly service to this partial DIY kit. We build the unit for you.
After the years and many assembled units we prefer the following parts and modifications.
* There are two DOAs in that unit, we like to use JE-990 sold by Hariball audio. We run that DOA with +/-24VDC for headroom.
* There are 20pcs of 24 position rotary switches used. We have used chineese copy of the Elma and the first unit has been in use for 10 years and still going. We use the gold plated version. Every switch is disassembled, cleaned of metal parts and derbis left by the production, manually lubricated to reduce wear and corrosion.
* Opamps used in the build are upgraded to TI OPA164x series for their Rail-to-Rail properties for improved headroom.
* Custom metal and 3D printed parts are added to the frontpanel assembly to improve positioning the parts and keeping them in place even after years in use.
* Brightness of the front panel LEDs are dimmed down to darker studios. Diffused LED bodys are used.
* Elma knobs with red pointers.
* Cabling insdide the unit is wrapped and made as short as possible.
* Unit is tested with curve tracker to make sure each and every position is doing what it says on the frontpanel print.
* MS calibration.
* Unit can be wired for 230VAC or 115VAC mains voltage.
* Sontec style frontpanel.

Waiting time for one unit is approximately 1 month depending on the stock status.
If this is not fast enough you can see if Retrosonic Pro audio has one in stock here:

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