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This is a relay box that can be installed to SSL 4000 or 6000 consoles.
SSL 4k and 6k consoles have an ALT switch in the master section. This switch doesnt have any function in some consoles that doesnt have the relay module installed.

The ALT switch was intially ment to be connected to a relay box and would switch the signal from main to alternative monitors.
Our ALT switch box can be wired to the SSL ALT switch and inside the box there are relays that handle the signal routing from your main speakers to your alternative speakers.
That way you can use your big monitor level knob for the main and alternative.

Case is 19″ rackmount 1U size. Only 12cm deep to fit into low racks.

Additionally it has a toggle switch on the rear, that lets to select 2 modes.
1. Main or Alt, this means that only one pair of speakers play, switched by the ALT switch on the console.
2. Main and Alt, this means that second pair of speakers are added to the main speaker by pushing the ALT switch on the console.

Front panel has a CUT switch mounted that will mute all the outputs.

We have done SSL 4000 and 6000 service work on 5 consoles.
Full re-cap. Full switch replacing. Full testing. Full re-calibration. Various other issues, burnt opamps and parts.
If you need something to be installed or fixed, let us know.

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