LvlLock 500 series


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This is fully assembled and tested LvlLock compressor unit in 500 format.

Shure Level Loc is a brick wall limiter from 1960s. It was originally designed for broadcast and everyday users for voice recording.

Level Loc is extremely noisy, gritty, unpredictable. This makes it a very creative tool to use on any track, but mostly on drums and room sounds.
It is very sensitive to the input signal level and type. Dont expect to make few db corrections with it.

The design.
LvlLock 500 Love edition comes with 6 different control parameters.
Input PAD switch: -40 ;; -30 ;; -20
Input rotaty potentiometer.
Threshold switch: Less ;; Some ;; More
Release switch: Fast ;; Slower ;; Slow
Blend rotary potentiometer: Dry — Wet
Bypass switch with indicator LED.

Input and output is electronically balanced.
Input is built around INA134 Balanced to unbalanced reciever.
Output is built around 5532 opamp and its CMRR can be adjusted if needed.

Potentiometers and switches are wired to make service easy and fast.
Transistors, input IC, relay and voltage regulator is THT for future service.
Gold plated 500 cardedge pins.
Full powderpainted metal enclosure with white screenprint on the front.

Sound samples

AKG C60 Drums

Neumann KM54a Drums

Femal counts numbers.