Wobble filter


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Wobble is a combination of a Pre-amp and a filter.
Target users are synth, guitar and bass players. This pedal sounds sweet infront of guitar and bass amp.

Wobble has CV or Expression pedal inputs for Resonance, Cutoff and VCA. Expression pedal recieves +5V from Wobble by the Ring terminal, Tip is used for signal and Sleeve for ground. TRS cable must be used.
For CV inputs signal is feed by Tip. TS or TRS cable can be used.

The Character rotary switch selects preamp colour. It has symetrical clipping, a-symetrical, soft clipping – many flavours to dig out the grit.
Filter can be switched into different modes:
LowPass 2 pole
LowPass 4 pole.
BandPass 4 pole
BandPass 2 pole
HighPass 2poe
Notch filter.

Power supply is 9-12VDC center positive. Good quality low noise PSU will give the best results.
Current draw max 100mA, atleast 200mA PSU will be happy.

Mono Instrument in (will also accept line)
Mono instrument out (will also drive line)

Dimensions: 135mm X 95mm x 55mm