Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger

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This is metal case for Jurgen Haible SOST Flanger.
All the polts and nuts are included to assemble the case.
Pots and jacks and switches must be ordered separately.

PCBs are available from Random Source.

Assembled option:
*Unit is coming without the Power Cable. IEC power cables can be sourced locally.
*Unit is fully assembled and calibrated and tested. No extra work is needed.

*Truebypass is relay driven. Power off will bypass the unit automatically.
*Comes with 230/115VAC mains switch. So the unit can be used in 230VAC or 115VAC grid depending on the switch position. We will flip it to correct position before shipping, but make sure you are aware and see if its correct for your grid.

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Case, Assembled