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Originally designed by Gerd Schulte in the 70s in Germany and was called Number One, Compact phasing A. Very unique sounding and looking phaser.
It works with incandescent light bulbs and light dependent resistors (LDR). This combination makes it interesting, phasing is not linear, freq resonance peaks vary and this creates a very playful phasing effect. There has been few clones around after the original was discontinued.
J├╝rgen Haible made his own clone and added new functions, but also kept it very close to the original.
His boards were also used by Mode Machines KRP-1. His work and explanations are still available on his website.
This website also has all the build information needed, schematics, partlists etc.

R6 and higher is our new modyfied and improved version.

Assembled option is completely assembled and tested unit.
You only need to specify your grid voltage 230 or 115VAC. The voltage is internally selectable if you are using it in different regions.
Also you need to have a IEC cable for your grid connection.

New (R6 and forward) Compact Phasing X has additional features.
1)Led indicator for LFO tempo.
2)LFO offset dial.
3)PSU redesign for lower noise.
4)Improved heat management inside the case.
5)Easy to re-calibrate for user taste.
NOTE: the core phasing circuit is still 100% same layout and design as the original Compact Phasing A had.

Case Kit includes:
Screenprinted powderpainted metal case.
Screws and rubber legs.
Red Bypass switch.
4 pcs numbered knobs like shown on the picture.
Power Switch.

The case will mount the PCB and the transformer. PCBs are sold under “Haible Krautrock phaser” or “Schulte Compact Clone” name.
Some of the components are specific and should be aquired according to the BOM.

What you will need for the case:
Potentiometers: All Alpha 16mm body solid 6.35mm shaft. 3pcs 50k lin and 1pcs 50k reverse Log or Log
1pcs Toroidal Transformer: 2x15V 0.5A + 0.5A or 2x18V 0,2A + 0,2A secondary ; 62mm diameter; 32mm height. (usually max 15VA transformer will fit)
1pcs Power connector IDC with fuse holder: Schurter 6200.2100 (same dimensions will work from others)
1pcs Fuse Holder: Anything for 13mm panelcutout will work.
6pcs Input output 6.35 stereo normalized jacks: Any plastic isolated connector. Dont use non isolated jacks!
1pcs Double Pole Double throw (DPDT) ON-ON Tumbler switch (Auto/Manual)
1pcs DPDT ON-ON-ON tumbler switch. (2p 4p 6p)
1pcs IEC mains power cable.

Safety notes for diy!
Use only correct Fast fuses.
Ground the case, its made of steel.
Dont use transformer bolt as a ground point, it will create issues as it acts like another transformer winding.
If you smell anything strange, then there is something wrong. Power off and investigate.

NOTE: make sure you have Rate and Amount jacks correctly wired!

Buld information and J Haible notes on the build:

PCBs are available here:

User manual for builders and users.

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