Compact phasing X case r2


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This is a classics Compact phasing A clone or Krautrock Phaser
PCBs are sold under “Haible Krautrock phaser” or “Schulte Compact Clone” name.

Kit includes:
Screenprinted powderpainted metal case.
Screws and rubber legs.
Red Bypass switch.

The case will mount the PCB and the PSU.
Some of the components are specific and should be aquired according to the BOM.
Potentiometers: All Alpha 24mm body. (Rev 2 can take 16mm also)
Bypass switch: ONPOW LAS1 series ON-OFF pushbutton with red illumination. (16mm cut)
Toroidal Transformer: 2x15V 0.5A + 0.5A secondary 15VA; 62mm diameter; 32mm height. (usually 15VA transformer will fit)
Power connector: Schurter DC11.0001.003 (same dimensions will work from others)
Fuse Holder: Anything for 13mm panelcutout will work.
Input output 6.35 jacks: Rev.1: Isolated connectors for 10mm panel cutout (Amphenol ACJM-MIV series)// Rev.2 any plastic isolated connector

More information will come in the next following weeks.

Its also possible to buy a partial kit that will include some specific parts needed for the case.

Buld information and J Haible notes on the build:

PCBs are available here:

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 8 cm