PreenFM2 Eurorack retrofit DIY kit.


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This is a DIY kit to build your tabletop PreenFM2 into Eurorack module.
Kit comes with all the parts needed to complete the build.

No parts needed to build the PreenFM2, only to make modification to working PreenFM2

*3 different PCBs
*Front plate
*Spacers, screws and nuts
*Resistors, capacitors and ICs

This kit is suggested to more experienced builders or to them who have enough time.
Soldering tools and basic mounting tools needed.
Requires some -desoldering steps.

Step 1.
Remove all the connectors from the main board: 1) DC jack 2) USB in 3) Left out jack 4) Right out jack

Step 2.
Populate the boards.

Step 3.
Install the PreenFM mainboard to the panel and mount all the other parts.

Step 4.
Wire the boards together.