Jurgen Haible Triple Chorus


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This is brand bew assembled Haible Triple Chorus in 19″ rack unit.
Its 1U high.

115V/230VAC switch on the back.
PSU is transformer based.

3xTDA1022 chips.
All the parts are the same as in Jurgen BOM.

Unit is fully tested.
Mono in mono out.

Chorus has 3 working modes. Linear, Solina and EQ.
Linear mode has only the phasing effect without any EQ added.
Solina mode has a very specific Solina sounding fixed EQ added to the phasing.
EQ mode lets you dial in the EQ on top of the phasing effect.
You can bypass the phasing effect and leave the EQ working or have the unit completely bypassed.
Shape knob lets you to adjust the phasing modulator shape from sine to square.

Case option will give you metal case and few needed screws. PCBs are available from randomsource.com