PreenFM Eurorack module


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This is the New PreenFM Eurorack module.
V/Oct, Gate, CV inputs.
Gate: 0-5V or higher. Positive voltages are cut to limit.
V/Oct: 0-10V; 1V per Octave
CV3: -5V to 5V
CV4: -5V to 5V

MIDI and USB Midi connectors.

CV inputs can be mapped to different envelope parameters.
Units comes preassembled and calibrated.
31HP in width.
400mA current draw, using +5V; +12V; -12V; bus.
Unit can also regulate its own +5V from +12V bus if needed. (jumper)

V/Octave calibration:
Menu > Tools > Set > to adjust v/oct (first 3 encoders change the parameter, last 4th encoder changes the value)
You need to adjust CV A(33) (midi note 33) and adjust CV A(81) (midi note 81).
This will scale the V/Oct with out the need to adjust each octave one by one.
Example values are: CV A(33) 256 and CV A(81) 735. Each unit has its own values and depend on your voltage generator settings.