500 rack


19″ rack for eleven 500 modules. PSU included.

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Van Daal Electronics Rack is built to match the high standards set by its predecessors.
500 format modules have been around from the last century with no change.
Though they are cheaper than a full size apparatus, they need a rack to function.
This is our contribution to the community and users. The rack is complete and ready for use.


Input and Output is standard XLR.
Ground lift with jumpers
Stereolink with jumpers.

Power Supply:
PSU is standalone and not inside the rack, to reduce noise and heat problems.
All the voltages can be readjusted if needed.

Variant 500:
Rack can take only 500 modules, it has 15pin connector.
It has space for 11 modules.
Outputs: max 3A per rail.
Cable length 2m (or longer if needed)
One PSU can power two 500 racks.
Voltages are pre-set to work with 500 standards:
+V1: 16V
-V1: -16V
+V2: 16V
-V2: -16V
+48V phantom
Linear voltage regulation for lowest possible noise level.

Input voltage is configurable on request 230/115VAC

To ensure a long life:
PSU utilizes a powerful 250VA Toroidal transformer.
All the heat is placed away from the filtering caps straight on the cooling profile.
Added extra support for the rack PCB to prevent any physical damage.

Price is for PSU and rack with 11 black faceplates and screws.
Fully assembled.

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 58 x 35 x 25 cm